About - Zing Confetti

Back in the day when we mailed birthday and holiday cards, I would include a spoonful of confetti in the envelope to add to the celebration. My family and friends said they would always forget and when they opened the card it would fall out everywhere. That’s the point of confetti! It gets everywhere! So sprinkle it, spread it, throw kindness everywhere...like confetti!

Hi, I'm Wendy and I love to inspire others to live with kindness, intention, and a positive mindset! I don't believe there is anything random about being kind...Be intentional with your acts of kindness!

I created Kindness Confetti® cards and notes to make it easy to sprinkle and share a little (or A LOT of) kindness, enthusiasm and inspiration with others. 

I am licensed as a school counselor and registered psychotherapist in Colorado. My educational and professional background includes: counseling, psychology, family communication, academic coaching and life coaching.